Tailwheel Pilot Endorsement

Flying a tailwheel airplane is an exciting way to improve your pilot skills.  

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2nd Friday every month at 6:00 pm



105 Centurion Place

Country Air Estates

Lonoke, AR 72086

Climate Controlled Hangar

Arkansas Pilot Development


Our Mission

To develop the complete pilot with the knowledge and skill required to operate safely and comfortably in the modern air space.


Flight Courses

From Student Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot - we can get you there. Let's start with the basics; grass roots flying from Country Air and all the way to the coveted multiengine rating - as far as you want to go.  Our goal is to accommodate your personal schedule and budget while providing your flight training.


Dedicated Flight Instructors

Our flight instructors are seasoned pilots with a wide variety of experiences.  They believe 'telling' is not 'teaching' and work hard to make learning fun.  

            "Never just  a FLIGHT 

           Always an ADVENTURE"

Simply put - WE LOVE TO FLY - 

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Flight Training by Arkansas Pilot Development

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